Almost everything we sell here gets shipped, and almost every item we sell is different so requires custom packaging. Parcels under 70lbs go UPS or USPS, over 70lbs via UPS, and the palletized freight goes by a number of different LTL trucking companies. Most global freight goes UPS air, which  we've found to be less expensive than normal UPS global parcel shipping.  For small light boxed items I try to use shredded corregated cardboard, newspaper, or reused air pillows or packing peanuts if something we ordered came with them but I never buy them as they make a mess.  Heavy or delicate items shipped in boxes get custom hot wire cut EPS foam.  Freight is banded to standard pallets when possible but we build custom pallets for extra heavy, oversize or items with concentrated loads on legs.   I don't think I've EVER seen an LTL truck with a tie down strap aboard, so we pack accordingly.  I used to saw foam, but hot wire is the way to go otherwise the EPS pellets go everywhere.  Neither USPS or UPS will cover broken items if they are insufficiently packaged even if you insure them.   In 15 years of shipping I've had 3 items broken, all of which were either dropped from at least loading dock height and in one case caught in a conveyor.  The carrier paid in each case because of good packing.  Here are some examples.

portable crane going to Finland.  Heat treated crate required for shipping there.  Unit was cut apart to be rewelded at the destination

Bantam pneumatic press brake.  I should have kept that one...  

Very heavy, very bulky sliding table saw with scoring.  Antique carved ex-church pulpit repurposed as restaurant hostess stand.


Doall band saw- table removed, trunnions are delicate.  Turret cold saw gets outriggers on pallet for tip insurance.  

Electric warehouse car.  2 machines, one pallet, maximum density cuts ship cost.  Bulky automatic strapper broken down for maximum density.

Foamed shipments are outlined in 2" layers sitting on a 2" foam base, built up a layer at a time, then capped wit another full piece of 2"



Automated trans flush going to New Zealand.  Plastic pallet required, foam over control panel.  Legs or wheels are removed or blocked.